Here you can find most common questions regarding TE PRO.

log in and claim 500 free credits

Log in to your account and use the couponcode 500free then you get 500 credits free.

Using the surfbar

You must log in and start the surfbar Then you must allow your browser to open one popup. Members sites will be there.

Do you have any affilate program?

Yes. Free members may earn 20% of their refferal earnings and upgraded member may earn 65% of their referral earnings. Unlimited refferrals allowed for all members.Members may find the referral linki in theirs account.

Referral signups earnings

You get 6000 credits per referral and $.25 per referral and unlimited referrals is allowed.

Upgrade your account to Premium account

You may upgrade your account to liftime premium account by using coinpayments(bitcoins).Pay the onetime fee of $2.99 and in messagefield at coinpayments you have to add your member id and e-mail at easyhitz4u.com.We upgrade your account manually within 24 hours after completed payment.

Purchasing credits

We use payeer and all credits will be added within 24 hours after payment.

What payment processor is used at easyhitz2u?

We are using the Payeer and Coinpayments

Why did you change the script?

The old script did,t work , it was to many errors and bugs. so we decide to change the script.

I was member at Easyhitz2u.com before the script change.

Relax , your sites and credits are still left. Log in by using your email adress used upon signup and your password.

How to earn free traffic to your websites

To get our surfbar working you need to allow popup window for easyhitz4u.com. The surbar works in a popup window.Then you may start the surfbar by loggin in and click on the earn credits button. and You may earn credits when refer new members. Get 10% of referrals earnings and get 6000 credits per referral signups